Women take down men in Battle of the Sexes

Trouble apparently has been brewing at YMCA Indy SwimFit.

The team’s women won the first annual “Battle of the Sexes” dual meet at the IU Natatorium.

After the first three events only 23 points separated the sexes. It appeared the women, who were very confident at the outset would not prevail. However, the Women’s Team turned a showdown into a beat down. Megan Sobecki, Women’s Team captain, organization, and team depth led to the Men’s Team’s demise.

The Men’s Team must now face “Obligation Week” which will be announced by the coaching staff. This was a great fun event and there is talk the men want a rematch in the summer.

“Obligation Week Cometh”
After the “beat down,” Men’s Team captains, Chris Clarke and Todd Dawkins donned women’s suits in preparation for “Obligation Week”. At first meet officials thought the East Germans had reappeared with all of the facial hair, but they were just preparing for “Obligation Week” and checking out various fashionable suits. Please note Chris is wearing a high hip rainbow style suit, while Todd has gone for the more conservative “little black” suit with some color and cross straps.

Final score, Women 764, Men 568.

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