Like daughter, like father?

By Byron Haflich

Five summers years ago, I was informed by my wife that our family was to contribute about 12 volunteer hours to help time at an out door swim meet in Noblesville.  My first question was, “Why?” and she answered that our then 10-year-old daughter, Holly, was swimming in the meet.  My second question was, “When did she start swimming in meets?”

Fast forward to today.  I enjoy the endless picking up and dropping off of kids at swim practice, now three with Holly, Kyle and Brooke plus their friends.  I enjoy the endless hours of officiating swim meets.  I enjoy the endless laps, (maybe not so endless, but could be more) of swimming, competing and socializing with the Noblesville Adult Swim Team (NASTI’s) at the indoor Noblesville High School pool, the outdoor Forest Park Aquatic Center, open water swimming at Morse Reservoir and anywhere else where two or more NASTI’s gather.

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