Deadline to enter 10K championship is July 1

Feel like testing your stamina? Some of this nation’s best long distance masters swimmers will be challenged by Morse Reservoir on Saturday July 17.

The 2010 10K USMS National Championship, sponsored by TYR, will cover 6.2 miles in picturesque Morse Reservoir in Noblesville. Swimmers will take the plunge at the South Harbour Clubhouse and  Beach and swim north toward the bridge on Little Chicago Road. Rounding the bay at Little Chicago Road, they will swim back to the beach to complete the 3.1 mile (5K) loop.

But that’s only half the fun. One more time around this course determines who will prevail as a National Champion.

 After hosting a successful 25K swim (wow) in 2008, the NASTIs are trying their fins at a 10K. Look for the 25 K swim (again, wow) in 2011.

 If you attend the race, be sure to thank meet director Dick Sidner for all of his hard work. The event takes half a day, but Dick has spent months preparing everything from police and fire protection, to DNR approval, and to food and pre-race course tours.

10K too much?  Try a 5K

The event  also includes a 2 x 5K relay and a newly added solo 5K swim.

Dick has changed the online entry form to include the solo 5K. If you prefer to download  the paper entry online, just sign up as if you are in a relay, but don’t add a relay partner or relay team name during your registration. Write ‘solo 5K’ on the form. The 5K will begin at 7:30 along with the relay.  

Tthe deadline for early registration passed on June 1, and late registration ends July 1.

You can find the registration on the GRIN website here:

Also check the website for training tips from elite open water swimmers who make Indiana their home.