10K down, 25K to go

Dick Sidner and the Noblesville Adult Swim  Team Inc. plan to host the 25K national championship on June 18, 2011, fresh from holding a successful 10K championship this year. He anticipates the water will be about 80 degrees, roughly 5 degrees cooler than the July 17 race this year.

Morse Reservoir at dawn, a couple hours before more than 150 swimmers braved the warm waters for 10K and 5K swims.

Sidner also plans to bid for either a 5K or a 10K in 2012. 

At July’s 10K, the air and water were steamy hot, but all 108 swimmers who entered the water finished the race. Another 45 swimmers also completed a 5K. 

Volunteers handed out water at boats at each end of the Little Chicago bay, and the majority of swimmers were surprised at how well they persevered through the  high temperatures. They finished with huge smiles and staggered onto the beach for cheers, hugs, high fives and good meals. No one could miss Dan Welklen snapping hundreds of pictures, and most put on big smiles for the camera. 

Packs came together throughout the race, but the sheer  size of the 5K course kept most swimmers at a comfortable distance from each other. The course was well-marked and tree lines along the shore further helped to set the borders. 

The overall winner of the 10K championship was DOC swimmer Andrew Muller, 20, with an impressive time of 2:04:37. 

Rounding out the Top-5 swimmers were Adam Dawkins, 34, of Indy SwimFit at 2:10:16, Josh Kercheval, 29, of Illinois Masters at 2:11:03, Tegan Nakanishi, 18, Cicero, who swam independently, at 2:14:45 and Indy SwimFit’s well-known distance champion Jim Barber, 50, at 2:14:55. 

The overall female champion, Carlie Herich,18, of Hebron, Ky, was sixth overall at 2:16:47. Every swimmer in the top 10 broke the 2:20 barrier, including Adam Barley, 20, Virginia Beach; Evan Morrison, 30, Ohio; Mallory Mead, 24, Indy SwimFit and Victoria Rian, 43, Indy Swim Fit.   

You can find more information about the championship event, as well as results and pictures by Dan Welklen, at http://www.grinswim.org/USMS2010K/ 

Swimmers posting at usms.org have been raving about the very well-organized race, which included a dinner the night before as well as boat tours of the course. 

Dane Griffin of Florida posted: “Thank you for hosting a great event. I appreciate all the work and hours that all the volunteers and you dedicated to make this event possible. From the time that I arrived and registered on Friday afternoon to the time that I departed on Saturday, every thing was perfect. ” 

You can read more reactions at http://forums.usms.org/showthread.php?t=17226

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