Indy SwimFit stallions cross Catalina Channel

Mallory Mead

Mallory Mead, 24, swam the Catalina Channel on Aug. 9 in the fastest time of the year, covering the nearly 21 mile crossing in 8 hours and 36 minutes.

Jim Barber and Victoria Rian take a break after swiming for 8 hours and 43 minutes.

Just three days earlier, Jim Barber, 50, and Victoria Rian, 44, crossed together in 8 hours and 43 minutes.

The three have been swiming tens of thousands of meters every week in Morse Reservoir and at local pools. They also competed in the USMS 10K National Championships in Morse this July, with all three finishing in the top 10.

Jim Barber and Victoria Rian finish the Catalina Channel.

Barber has now completed the Triple Crown of swimming. According to The Daily News of Open Water Swimming,  he has swam around Manhattan Island Marathon three times:  in 1988, 1989 and 1991. He also has swam the English Channel in 2006, crossing in nine hours and six minutes.

Mead has blogged about the event here.

She also has swum the English Channel and plans to swim five more seas.

Check out this YouTube video of Rian’s and Barber’s experience at Catalina:

The three next will compete Sept. 11 at Big Shoulders 5K in Chicago – a sprint!