State Meet Information!

Some information about the upcoming state meet – you may review the four session rosters and one psych sheet at the links below.  The sessions have to be split due to the use of two pools for the first event on each day.  Those entered in the 500, 1000, 1650 and 400 IM need to please sign in so we can seed your event.  We also plan to use both pools for the 500 on Sunday.  During the use of both pools, there will be no pool available unless there is room between the bulkheads and it is okay to use that space.  However, other than that time, there will always be one pool to warm-up/cool-down.  Also, there is a short break after the first event and during the GRIN state meeting.  We will be presenting awards during that meeting but we will try to be brief.

The timeline should be fairly accurate but does not include relays.  You might want to add another hour each day for that as well as breaks.  Lastly, the 1650 should be done at 9:28 and the 1000 at 9:01. We will not hold up the meet if we get ahead of schedule but that will give you an idea.

Saturday Session 1
Saturday Session 2

Sunday Session 3
Sunday Session 4

Psych Sheet



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