Seeking Nominations for Irv Merritt Award

Irv Merritt (born F. Irvin Merritt October 25, 1903 – December 1985) was a highly competitive athlete, well into his 80s. He was a regular participant at Masters swimming competitions and also a competitive distance runner. He was a joy to visit with and always had an interest in the people with whom he competed. At the time of his death, Irv´s family established an annual award in his memory to be presented to an Indiana Masters swimmer who exemplified the standards and values embodied in the life of Irv Merritt.

We would like to hear from GRIN members who want to nominate someone they feels embodies the Irv Merritt spirit in GRIN Masters swimming – please forward your nominations to Cheryl Gettelfinger before February 29th!


Poll: What Do You Think?

GRIN is considering changing the rules governing how state records are recorded.  As it stands now, anyone can join GRIN and set state records regardless whether they live in Indiana or set the records in Indiana.   This means that out-of-state swimmers can set GRIN records at out-of-state meets.    There is no other LMSC in the U.S. that requires residency in their respective state or that a swimmer be registered so many days/weeks or months  in advance to setting a record.  Currently, the rules for LMSC membership in the United States allow a swimmer to swim with up to six different LMSCs in a period of one year.    The GRIN board is considering changing this rule so that only people with an Indiana address or those who have been GRIN members for at least six months prior to setting a state record.  What do you think?

GRIN Board to meet this week

The GRIN board is meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25 at the Brockway Pub in Carmel, 12525 Old Meridan St. All GRIN members are welcome to join us.

GRIN State Meet Info

Here is the timeline for the State meet this weekend (4 pages), and the preliminary heat sheets.

It’s short-course yards season

We have a full lineup of short-course yards meets on tap at local pools throughout the state.

We start at Ball State on Jan. 15, head to IU on Feb. 18, and make the trip to Kendallville on March 10.

The GRIN State Championship returns to North Central High School for the second year, a world-class facility on the Northside of Indianapolis. Also for the second year, this meet is free for registered GRIN members.

Find entry information for these meets and more at

You can also find a group dedicated to GRIN Swimming on facebook at!/groups/GRINSWIM/

See you at the pool