Results posted for iSwim Purdue meet

Jordan YMCA Multifit won the Purdue invitational with 1,299 points. iSWIM, our host team, was a close second with 1,227 points. The NASTIs were third with 1,046 points.

In the men’s division, NASTI placed first, iSWIM second and Jordan YMCA third. In the women’s division, Jordan YMCA won, with Indy Aquatic Masters second and iSWIM third.

Find the full list at iswim invitational team points.

Thanks to iSWIM for hosting a terrific meet Sunday. Here are the official 2013 iSWIM invitational Results. We had more than 100 swimmers in attendance and three state records were set:

Victoria Rian, 45-49, NAST, 1650

Cheryl Stine, 45-49, UNAT, 50 Back

Doug Lance, 50-54, GRIN, 200 Breast

Congrats to all who participated!


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