GRIN Board Nominations

I would like to personally thank all the Candidates that were nominated and for your time and efforts you put yourself through for the nomination process for the positions of Chair, Co Chair, Secretary and Treasure.  Your interest and passion for USMS and GRIN is greatly appreciated.   I would also like to thank the GRIN Nominating Committee for their support and time in preparing a slate of officers for the GRIN LMSC.  We had a strong slate of 10 quality candidates and the voting was not unanimous for the three positions of Chair, Co Chair and Secretary and feel the committee did do diligence in selecting the candidates.  

The slate of officers to be presented to the GRIN Membership and for final vote on Saturday April 11th by those present at the state meet are as follows

Lisa Brown, Chairman

Meg Carlson, Vice Chairman

Karen Gernert, Secretary

Susan Pollard, Treasurer

To our outgoing officers…. Thank you so much for your services and the last four years to work with you all!  It’s been great and will personally miss the opportunity to be a part of GRIN.   I ll look forward to your continued support in transitioning your role to the newly elected officers. 

Thank you Mel for your engagement for the Chair of the Nomination committee and closing the loop on the process for preparing the Slate and vote tabulations.

I have include the USMS national office on this email so that they can see the strength of our process for recruiting candidates, the election process and updating their records

I am excited for this new board and look forward to seeing them take  GRIN to newer level of embracing USMS and its vision and becoming a LMSC that is looked upon by other LMSCs from across the country

Jim Barber, President


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