Club Representative Request

GRIN LogoPursuant to our current By-Laws, any program that had 4 or more members as of October 31, 2015, is entitled to select one Club Representative to represent their Club’s interests at the Board meetings of Greater Indiana Masters Swimming (GRIN). The Club Representative can be any coach or swimmer that is a USMS member in good standing as of 11/01/2015 and is affiliated with the Indiana LMSC.

The Club Representative will be GRIN’s main contact and will serve as the liaison between GRIN and their respective clubs. The Club Representative will also be responsible for voting to accept or reject the new By-Laws at the next Board meeting on 12/02/2015. Please note that the club can submit a new Club Representative at any time by sending updated contact information to the GRIN Secretary.

Prior to the upcoming December 2 Board meeting, each Club needs to select one Club Representative, complete the GRIN Club Representative Form, and email the form to the GRIN Secretary. If you have any questions, please let Karen know.

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