Can You “Swim a Tri”?

Swim a Tri Logo RevisedSummer is upon us and triathlon season is kicking in to high gear. While some of us compete in triathlons, many of us watch and wonder just how far they race. Here is your chance to find out! Greater Indiana Masters Swimming is proud to announce our first “Swim a Tri” Postal Challenge. This is a chance for swimmers from all over the state to challenge themselves to “Swim a Tri” while competing against swimmers from other programs – no biking or running required! Just pick your distance (Sprint, Olympic, Half, or Full) and log your swim yardage over the summer. Will you try to “Swim a Tri”?

Postal Challenge Options:
Participants in the 2016 “Swim a Tri” Postal Challenge can choose from ONE of the following distances.

* Sprint Triathlon – 16 miles x 1,760 yards/mile = 28,160 total yards (2,347 yards/week)
* Olympic Triathlon – 31.93 miles x 1,760 yards/mile = 56,197 total yards (4,683 yards/week)
* Half Triathlon – 70.3 miles x 1,760 yards/mile = 123,728 total yards (10,310 yards/week)
* Full Triathlon – 140.6 miles x 1,760 yards/mile = 247,456 total yards (20,621 yards/ week)

Swim a Tri Entry Button RevisedUpon entering the Challenge, you will be emailed a Swim Log to track your yardage. All swim yardage between June 1 – August 31 counts – pool or open water – and equipment IS allowed. Just track your yardage and return your completed tracking log and entry form to Karen Gernert by September 10, 2016.

Entry Fees:
The Postal Challenge is open to all registered USMS swimmers. Entries are FREE for GRIN members; $10 for USMS members outside the GRIN LMSC. Checks in US Funds should be payable to Greater Indiana Masters Swimming and included with your completed entry submission. All fees are non-refundable.

Participants will compete in USMS age group categories: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34,…, 95-99, 100+. Age will be determined by the swimmer’s age on August 31, 2016. Results will be determined by the order of finish. The person that completes their distance and submits their complete entry & tracking log FIRST will win the event. However, mileage submitted CANNOT BE higher than the average for the next higher distance category. Results will be posted on the GRIN website.

Will you try to “Swim a Tri” this summer? Email your entry to Karen Gernert today!