Good Luck at State!

Good luck to all those heading to the GRIN State Meet in Munster this weekend. Get ready for some fast water in an amazing facility. With almost 150 swimmers in attendance, this will be a great time to catch up with old friends and make new friends.

Be sure to check out the Psych Sheet, Heat Sheets, (updated April 7), and Meet Timeline (updated April 7). If there are any changes to your seed times, please let Karen know. Keep in mind, while seed times can be changed, no new events can be added.

Please note that all relays should be entered into the meet (minimum team designation and age) by Thursday, April 6, at 11:59p. Each relay is $8 and entry fees are payable on deck prior to the event.  All relay swimmers must be entered into the meet. If necessary, relays may be deck entered, but every effort should be made to submit entries by the Thursday night deadline. Deck entries will be at the discretion of the Meet Director and his decision is final. Please note that relay swimmers / swimmer order may be changed until 30 minutes before the relay is scheduled to be swum. Please email completed relay entry forms to

If there are any questions, please let Karen know. Swim fast and have fun!

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