Call Out for Irv Merritt Award Nominations!

Irv Merritt (born F. Irvin Merritt October 25, 1903 – December 1985) was a highly competitive athlete, well into his 80s. He was a regular participant at Masters swimming competitions and also a competitive distance runner. He was a joy to visit with and always had an interest in the people with whom he competed. At the time of his death, Irv´s family established an annual award in his memory to be presented to an Indiana Masters swimmer who exemplified the standards and values embodied in the life of Irv Merritt.

We would like to hear from GRIN members who want to nominate someone they feels embodies the Irv Merritt spirit in GRIN Masters swimming – please forward your nominations to Jerrilynn Bayless, GRIN Chair, or GRIN Secretary, Molly Meyer. with their name by the end of February 2023!

Submit the following information for your nominee:

Nominee Name::   ___________________________________________

Nominee Club:    ____________________________________________           

Nominator:   ________________________________________________

Please submit two paragraphs about the nominee.  The first paragraph should give a background as to when the nominee started swimming, their interests and possibly why they started swimming. The second paragraph should be about why you nominated that person.  For example, because they started a club or a swim meet, open water, etc., their participation in club and GRIN activities, their time and energy coaching and/or teaching and/or supervising ALTS.  Or any other way that the nominee adds to GRIN masters swimming through volunteering with swimming in any capacity.