The 100-Mile Club

What Is the 100-Mile Club?

GRIN’s 100-Mile Club (or 200-Mile, 300-Mile, etc.) challenges Indiana swimmers to set a fitness goal – and then work throughout the year to achieve it! Swim 100, 200, 500 miles or more this year. How far can you swim in 2017?


How It Works?
Just track your swimming totals using the USMS Fitness Log (FLOG), which is free to all USMS members. Log in to My USMS (first time users will have to create their account), enter Go the Distance, and log your daily yardage. Set your goals, set up your FLOG, and get to the pool!


100-Mile Club Members
Todd Marshall, Terre Haute Torpedoes Masters
Mark Robarge, Fort Wayne YMCA Sharks
Stephen Rouch, Indy Aquatic Masters

Updated 2/08/2018

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