2022 Results

Congratulations go out to the newest GRIN members who havlogged over 100 miles in the water this year! Way to sneak it in before the end of the year!

  • Nicholas Blackwell, DOC IU Masters Swimming
  • Terri Steinhubel, Duneland Masters
  • Peter Rokosz, Munster Masters
  • Jason White, Valpo Masters

Shout out to the latest adds to the 200 mile club!

  • Michael Tuley, Munster Masters
  • Carol Hall, Indy Aquatic Masters
  • Cheryl Gettlefinger, Indy Aquatic Masters
  • Anne Hurley, Indy Aquatic Masters

Congratulations to our newest 300 mile club swimmers!

  • Robert Nicksic, Duneland Masters
  • Clifton Titcomb, Fort Wayne YMCA Sharks
  • Christopher Lilienkamp, Indy Aquatic Masters
  • Maria Tamer, Indy Aquatic Masters
  • Kelly Craig, Duneland Masters
  • Lisa Brown, Zionsville Aquatic Masters

And a crazy number of swimmers have joined the 500 and 600 mile clubs this year! You all are impressive!

  • Tracy Knight, Indy Aquatic Masters (500)
  • Michael Buczkowski, Duneland Masters (500)
  • Deborah Kinnamon, Unattached (600)
  • Stephen Rouch, Indy Aquatic Masters (600)
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