Swimming Saves Lives off to fast start

Zionsville Aquatic Masters teaches adults to swim.

Zionsville Aquatic Masters teaches adults to swim.

We’ve had a successful start to the Swimming Saves Lives program in Indiana thanks to clubs like Indy Aquatic Masters and Zionsville Aquatic Masters.The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, USMS’s charitable arm, is undertaking a national awareness campaign to help prevent adult drowning.Gov. Pence declared April an adult-learn-to-swim month and former Gov. Mitch Daniels helped out with some publicity at Purdue.

GRIN Fitness Chair Robin Walker and INDY founder Mel Goldstein have spearheaded the program here with assistance from the national office.

ZAM taught 95 adults to swim. ZAM coach Lisa Brown, plus Ralph Dixon, Ailbe Burke, Denny Mattingly, Fabio Nunes, Anne Harvey, Jenn Zimmer, and Dave Madrick have been teaching the lessons for ZAM.

INDY also had quite a bit of success. So far, 28 swimmers have attended sessions and another 68 have expressed interest. In all, 24 INDY swimmers and coaches have served as instructors for classes that have ranged in size from 5 to 20.

INDY has a solid philosophy for the program: As swimmers, we relish the idea of slipping into the water and swimming away. Together, we can make our haven safe for everyone. Our mantra — “Relax, Breathe, Glide” — reflects our goal to help these beginning adult swimmers become comfortable and efficient in the water.

Find more info about INDY’s program at http://www.indyaquaticmasters.com/community/swimming-saves-lives