Strong Swimmer Award

Strong Swimmer Award Recipients

Originally called, “Going the Extra Yard” award, the Strong Swimmer Award was renamed in honor of the first recipient, Doug Strong of Bloomington, IN. This award is based on total points earned by swimming in GRIN sanctioned or recognized meets and swimming long distance and difficult events. Those events earning points are: 400/500(1), 800/1000(2), 1500/1650(3) (free events with meters/yards respectively), 200 Fly (3) and 400 IM(4). The swimmer must also be registered in Indiana and participate in at least two of the above referenced meets during a calendar year. The highest points amassed will be the winner with postal events (1 pt. for participation per event) being the tie breaker.


LindaMarvin2019 Recipient

Linda Marvin
Indy Aquatic Masters

Congratulations, Linda!




Past Recipients

2018 – Stephen Rouch

2017 – Stephen Rouch

2016 – Stephen Rouch

2015 – Patti Davies

2014 – Linda Marvin

2013 – Susie Shuck

2012 – Susie Shuck

2011 – Susie Shuck

2010 – Jeff Halbert and Susie Shuck

2009 – Thomas Huggins

2009 – Linda Marvin

2008 – Linda Marvin

2007 – Doug Strong


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