GRIN Records

GRIN Records

Greater Indiana Masters Swimming keeps track of the records set for swimmers in our region based on the three swim “seasons” — short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters. Records are tracked for both individual swims and relays. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Gernert.

Short Course Yards – Updated 1/03/2019

Short Course Yards – Relays – Updated 5/19/2018

Short Course MetersUpdated 2/12/2019

Short Course Meters – Relays – Updated 1/19/2018

Long Course Meters – Updated 8/08/2018


USMS Honors

Every year, USMS recognizes swimmers who have earned Top Ten times (individual or relay) in each of the official courses (SCY, SCM, and LCM). The fastest time in each age/category earns All-American status. Congratulations to all of the GRIN swimmers so recognized.

2017 USMS Top Ten – SCY

2017  USMS Top Ten – SCM

2017 USMS Top Ten – LCM

2017 All American Honors



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