Super Volunteer Award

Super Volunteer Award

The Super Volunteer Award was created by the GRIN Board in 2016 to recognize the outstanding efforts of the volunteers who help GRIN succeed. As a volunteer-led organization, those honored here have gone above and beyond the call of duty in working for the betterment of Greater Indiana Masters Swimming.

2023 Award Recipients

Katherine McLean, Terre Haute Torpedoes (THT), area of exception:  Adult-Learn-to-Swim
“Congratulations, to our own THT US Masters Swimming coach and Adult Learn To Swim certified instructor Katherine McLean, the 2023 recipient of Greater Indiana Masters Swimming (GRIN) award of Super Volunteer. GRIN recognized Katherine for her dedication to teaching adults to swim and upholding the values of US Masters Swimming. Thank you, Katherine!”
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Jim Ringer, Zionsville Aquatic Masters (ZAM), area of exception:  Adult-Learn-to-Swim

Bruce Young, Indy Aquatic Masters (INDY), area of exception:  Adult-Learn-to-Swim

Past Recipients

2022 – Stephanie Long, Indy Aquatic Masters (INDY)
2022 – Lisa Phillips, Terre Haute Torpedoes (THT)
2019 – Erika Sutton, Monica O’Mahony, Donel Hakes
2018 – Pat Schenkel, Dick Sidner
2017 – Bill Roach
2016 – Karen Gernert, Byron Haflich, and Chris Long

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