Emeritus Award

GRIN Members Emeritus

When one of our fellow Hoosier swimmers reaches octogenarian status, he or she receives the designation of GRIN Member Emeritus. In addition to a beautiful plaque, the swimmer enjoys the benefit of free USMS dues, sponsored by GRIN, for the remainder or his/her lifetime! These swimmer are traditionally honored each year at the State Championship Meet.

2021 Emeritus Award Recipients

Christopher Stack, Indy Aquatic Masters
Sara Wood, Noblesville Adult Swim Team (NASTi)
James Jeppesen, DLMA
Alan Somers, DOC

Past Emeritus Award Recipients

Bob Patterson

Alan Welsh

Robert Badger

Howard Baetzhold

June Barghahn

Peter Boerner

Dave Bowell

Kate Brazil

Ivan Chalfie

Richard Clapp

David Costill

Doc Counsilman

Louise Crandall

Art Cross

Muriel Dykema

Charles Fouts

Miguel Gambetta

Mel Goldstein

Mary Johnston Brown

Russell Judd

Irving Heath

Robert Huston

Russell Judd

Ed Keefe

Carol Lowengub

John Maxwell

Fran McAree

Marty Mennen

George Murphy

Jerry Myers

Sam Neff 

Dale Ostler

Marge Ostler

John Patten

Tim Reiman

Bob Risley

Dr. Cory SerVaas

Peggy Shoup

Doug Strong

Bill Tanner

Bob Welklin

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