Featured GRIN Programs

Terre Haute Torpedoes Masters

Featured – February 2015

Indiana is fortunate to enjoy outstanding Masters swimming throughout the state and we want to recognize the great programs that are out there. This month, we get to know the Terre Haute Torpedoes Masters.

Swimming at the Vigo Schools Aquatic Center, the Terre Haute Torpedoes Masters offer their members the opportunity to enjoy one of the best forms of exercise with the nicest group of swimmers – and coaching available for every level. The recent opening of their top notch, state-of-the-art facility replacing their previous 40+ year old facility has energized the program. With a 50-meter, 10-lane pool, the Masters are excited to find their place in the pool with one of the largest age group teams in Indiana.

The Terre Haute Torpedoes established the Masters team in December 2007 and the team practiced in three different pools alongside the age-group swimmers. Being able to practice in a brand new facility is energizing the team. Their motto? “Train hard today; be a champion tomorrow!” At THT Masters, swimmers and coaches work together to attain goals. In fact, Coach Stephanie Hopkins loves watching swimmers reach for and then achieve their goals. After one goal is achieved, swimmers are encouraged to set their sights even higher. The team currently practices weekday evenings from 7:10-8:10p. Weekday and weekend practices are on hold until the high school season concludes.

Learn more about the Terre Haute Torpedoes Masters or contact either Head Coach Randy Jensen or Coach Stephanie Hopkins for more information.


Viper Aquatics Masters Program

Featured – December 2015

Indiana is fortunate to enjoy outstanding Masters swimming throughout the state and we want to recognize the great programs that are out there. This month, we get to know the Viper Aquatics Masters Program.

Swimming at Westfield Middle School, the Viper Aquatics Masters Program is one of the newest Masters programs in Indiana. Viper offers a full range of workouts for the novice to the experienced swimmer. This growing program has triathletes, fitness, and competitive Masters swimmers among its members. Whatever your purpose in the water, Viper Aquatics Masters can accommodate.

” We wanted to offer a program for the city of Westfield that is coached by professional coaches to fill a void,” notes Coach Jim Lutz. Their new Masters program is part of the Viper Aquatics USA Swimming Program, which offers lessons for younger children and a competitive age group program as well. “The city of Westfield continues to grow and with this growth comes a demand for expanded aquatic program,” Coach Jim continues. “Options for a new aquatic center have begun that will be a joint effort between Viper Aquatics, the City of Westfield and the Westfield Washington Schools.” Whether you want to train to compete or just swim for fitness with others in a great environment and thriving community, Coach Jim Lutz encourages all swimmers to come and join the fun! Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:15-6:30p and Saturday mornings from 6:30-8:00a. Learn more about the Viper Aquatics Masters Program and contact Coach Jim for additional information.


Lawrence Masters Swimming

Featured – November 2015

Swimming at Lawrence North High School, Lawrence Masters Swimming is for adults who want to improve their fitness in a positive environment that encourages living a healthy lifestyle. Whether your goals are for fitness, triathlons, open water events or competitive swimming events, Lawrence Masters will meet you at your level of fitness and work towards bringing out your best. With a coach on deck at every practice providing individualized attention, however big or small your goal is, they will help you reach it. After all, “What great thing would you do,” asks Head Coach Kris Houchens, “if you knew you could not fail?”

As much as Coach Kris inspires her swimmers, they also inspire her. “Even though we are a relatively small program, we have a lot of passionate people who are willing to get involved in GRIN outside of the pool. These members volunteer at meets to officiate and have also been involved in various GRIN committees. Thank you Lawrence members for being so awesome!”

Lawrence Masters Swimming counts over 40 swimmers among its members and they are a great group of inspiring and interesting people. “Each morning I arrive,” Coach Kris begins, “and there are actually people there wanting to swim at 5:15a. Still amazes me after all these years.” Offering 9 practices per week, the team’s weekday practices are held Monday through Friday mornings at 5:15a, as well as Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7:30p. Saturday practices begin at 7:30a.

And, Lawrence Masters also offers a Water Polo program. Yes… adult water polo! The water polo team practices on Saturdays from 12:00 – 2:00p. The team hosts several water polo tournaments each year at Lawrence North High School. “Fun to play,” Kris says, “and fun to watch!”

For more information about Lawrence Masters Swimming, please contact Coach Kris Houchens.


Munster Masters Association

Featured – October 2015

Swimming at the Jon Jepsen Pool at Munster High School, the Munster Masters Association is a diverse program with approximately 50 registered members ranging in age from 21 years old to over 70 years old. They are coached by Head Coach Matt Lee and he is looking to expand the program with part-time coaches focused on adding additional stroke and technique work. “We are always looking to bring in new swimmers,” states Coach Matt. “It’s a great group of morning and evening swimmers and we are looking to bring home our 4th straight Small Team State Champion title this coming spring.”

In fact, Coach Matt believes that you are never too old to be competitive. He loves watching his swimmers perform times and swims that they didn’t think were possible just a few years earlier. Whether just starting out or rediscovering the joy of competition, “always work hard at what you’re doing and things will happen.” The Munster Masters are certainly following Coach Matt’s advice. Swimming in a beautiful 10-lane, 50-meter pool, the team also has a great volunteer base and enjoys hosting several Masters meets each year. Their 4th Annual Munster Masters Fall Frenzy is taking place on November 15. The meets feature great competition and fast times. If you’ve never been to Munster, be sure to get this meet on your calendar.

The team offers a wide range of workouts to prepare their swimmers for competition. “We have really tried to diversify our workouts, offering a few IM and stroke-focused workouts along with at least 1 sprint workout and 1 aerobic workout per week,” says Head Coach Matt Lee. “We also run through some pretty rough TEST/Anaerobic sets that really push the swimmers.” Offering 9 practices per week, the team practices on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, as well as Monday through Friday evenings.

For more information about the Munster Masters Association, please contact Coach Matt Lee.


Lake Central Masters Association

Featured – September 2015

The Lake Central Masters Association is a growing Masters program that encourages a healthier lifestyle through the great sport of swimming. Swimming at Lake Central High School’s brand new 50-meter facility, the team practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 5:00a – 6:30a, as well as Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:00p – 8:30p. The 40-member team consists of triathletes, novice swimmers, former swimmers, and fitness enthusiasts. Their 5 coaches support these members as they try to accomplish their goals – from healing a worn-out knee to competing in an Ironman. “Our coaches and members have created a camaraderie that encourages and challenges each other to go outside of their comfort zones,” says Coach Abby Homans. “My favorite Masters coaching moments have been watching novice swimmers progress from barely making a 25 to confidently completing a 2000-yard workout, doing 25’s with parachutes, or successfully competing in triathlons and swim meets.”

Speaking of swim meets, the Lake Central Masters Association will be hosting the 2015 Lake Central Masters Pumpkin Plunge on Saturday, October 17. The Pumpkin Plunge once again offers a wide range of events from 25’s of each stroke to the 500 Free. A great first time meet, swimmers may enter up to 5 events. Online registration (entered by October 15), mailed registrations (received by October 10), and deck entries will all be accepted for this event.

To learn more about the Lake Central Masters Association or to get involved with their program, contact Coach Abby Homans.


Agon Masters Swim Club

Featured – August 2015

Swimming at Edgewood High School in Ellettsville, Agon Masters is one of the newest Masters programs in Indiana. They provide individualized training appropriate to the personal objectives of their members and do so in a fun group environment.

“Athletics have the capacity to have a profound impact on its participants,” says Head Coach Temujin Gold. “Our mission is essentially to help our athletes lead more fulfilling lives through athletics.” The Agon Masters recognize the potential of sport to change lives and coaches encourage their members to push through challenging circumstances. “In the struggle lies our triumph” – the team’s motto.

Masters practices cater to the goals of each individual athlete.  Generally, practices are designed to offer opportunities for improved health, camaraderie, and improved swimming technique. Their Masters swimmers have opportunities to compete, but are not required to do so.  The team’s weekday practices last approximately 60 minutes and are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at both 5:30a and 6:30a. Saturday’s 2-hour practices begin at 8:45a.

For more information about the Agon Masters, please contact Coach Temujin Gold.


Portage Porpoise Masters Swim Club

Featured – July 2015

Swimming at Portage High School, the Portage Porpoise Masters Swim Club is a small Masters program that practices 7 times per week and also offers an Adult Learn-to-Swim program and water aerobics. Under the supervision of Coaches Sean Parpart and Jeremy Mendoza, this 12-member program practices on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 5:15a – 6:30a and Monday thru Thursday evenings from 8:00p – 9:15p. Their 2 young and energetic coaches are willing to get in the water with everyone and create a positive and motivating atmosphere for all.

The program is also hosting their first ever “Kitchen Sink” Invitational – complete with 25’s in each stroke and a “Mystery” event – on July 18 and look forward to additional meets in the future. “My favorite moment in swimming and coaching,” says Coach Sean, “is when I see a swimmer able to get out after a race with a big smile on their face because they know that they did their very best.”

The Portage Porposise Masters Swim Club is looking to expand. A swimming background is not required. You don’t even have to know how to swim. After all, as Coach Sean likes to say, “Swimming is like dancing. Even if you don’t have good rhythm, you still look better than the people not doing anything.” If you want to learn or get better, the PPSC Masters are ready to help make that happen. To learn more about the Portage Porpoise Masters Swim Club, contact Coach Sean Parpart because “we don’t stop swimming because we get old, we get old because we stop swimming.”


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