Irv Merritt Award

Irv Merritt Memorial Award Recipients

Irv Merritt (born F. Irvin Merritt October 25, 1903 – December 1985) was a highly competitive athlete, well into his 80s. He was a regular participant at Masters swimming competitions and also a competitive distance runner. He was a joy to visit with and always had an interest in the people with whom he competed. At the time of his death, Irv´s family established an annual award in his memory to be presented to an Indiana Masters swimmer who exemplified the standards and values embodied in the life of Irv Merritt.


2017 Award Recipients
Karen Gernert, Indy Aquatic Masters – Acting as both the GRIN Secretary and Registrar, Karen is involved with GRIN activities on a daily basis. She ensures that communication with GRIN members takes place in a timely basis, reports news from the Board through the meeting minutes, answers member questions, ensures all members are properly registered with their respective programs and with USMS, and works with the National Office for the betterment of our LMSC.


Past Recipients

2016 – Craig Bauer and Michael Carlson

2015 – Chris Sikich and Matt Lee

2014 – Rachel Sitarz

2013 – Lisa Brown

2012 – Kris Houchens and Richard Smith

2011 – Steve Jones

2010 – Adam Dawkins

2009 – David Costill

2008 – Lisa Whitaker

2007 – Bill Ramos

2006 – Randy Crutchfield and Michael Bernstein

2005 – Nan StagerJoel Stager, and Jim Lewis

2004 – Cheryl GettelfingerMelissa Rinker, and Melanie Watson

2003 – John Ford

2002 – Dick Sidner

2001 – Barbara Larsen

2000 – Susan Meyers

1999 – Dave Oplinger

1998 – Sharon Wise and George Quigley

1997 – Doc Counsilman and Sandy Etnyre

1996 – Cindy Miller and Doug Strong

1995 – Carol Hall and Buddy Collins

1994 – Kate Brazil and John Maxwell

1993 – Mel Goldstein

1992 – Chuck & Etha Sommer and David Woods

1991 – Margie Heineman

1990 – Dave Tanner

1989 – Doug Church

1988 – Mary Ann Stevens

1987 – John & Joan Diercks

1986 – Beets Calabrese



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