Coaches Certification Clinic Graduates 30 New Coaches!

via Jim Barber, GRIN President:

“We had a very successful clinic on Saturday and we graduated 30 new coaches to the world of USMS swimming!

Special thanks to Randy Crutchfield for arranging the Venue, Brian Cummings for arranging drinks for the day, Cheryl Gettlefinger for bringing in the lunch…. Awesome set up!   Chris Houchens and Doug Green as the primary instructors – ou guys were a great team!!!  Bill Brenner for his support as an instructor and being the liaison between our LMSC and USMS, Mel Goldstein for being a host to Doug and Bill and getting them around while in Indianapolis, Dick Sidner for opening up the Pool for the workout prior to the clinic.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone.  All I have heard has been very positive.

Thank you all for all your support and efforts for USMS!”

Here are a few photos taken courtesy Herman Arrivillaga: 


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